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Paine- Not Your Average Secret

Title: Not Your Average Secret

Themes: Dreamy (46) Slow and steady (47) Secrets (95)

Character: Paine

Rating: K

Warnings: none

Setting: Um… probably post X-2. I’m not really sure…

Summary: Rikku tries to pry a secret out of Paine

Not Your Average Secret

Paine very nearly smiled as she heard Rikku’s voice bombard her as soon as she stepped onboard the Celsius.

“Hey! Where were you all night?”

Paine walked briskly down the corridor past her. “None of your business,” she said coolly.

“Ooh! Something happened? Tell me!”

Paine shook her head. Of course Rikku wanted to know, but she wouldn’t, at least not completely yet. This wasn’t the “average” secret, and Paine knew that Rikku would know eventually and gradually get used to it.

“Paine!” Rikku whined and even more so when she saw a smile on Paine’s face.

There was a pause, and Rikku of course was the one who broke the silence. “A hook-up?” Rikku asked, trying to look cute as they continued their walk.

“You could say that,” Paine almost teased.

Rikku was silent for another contemplative moment until she saw a glint of silver on Paine’s left ring finger and for a few seconds all she could do was point and stare.

Paine made a soft ‘humph’ noise. “I know what you’re thinking and no. I didn’t go off and marry some random guy.”

“But you…” Rikku sputtered, at a loss for words. “You just… eloped?”

Paine smirked as they approached the bridge. Rikku was certainly persistent, and she would get her wish soon enough. Paine just needed to figure out a way to tell her without telling her all at once.

Damn. This whole situation is just weird.

“I suppose so,” Paine said, still oddly calm.

The young Al Bhed was obviously frustrated. She turned to Paine when they reached their destination. “Tell me who he is!”

Paine said nothing.

“C’mon! If it’s something this important, you gotta tell me. I mean, we’re like sisters!”

Paine’s smirk became a wide smile. “Yeah,” she said, eyeing the front of the bridge. “We are.”

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