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#60 "Never"

Title: Never Forget
Game: FFX
Setting: Al Bhed Airship, sometime near game's end
Theme + Number: Never (60)
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Rating: R
Word Count: ~ 380
Summary: Passionate truths, passionate sex.

Never say that gods are immortal.
Never imagine that truths are kind.
Never give fealty or faith without question.
Never yield to despair or indifference.
Never admit you can't go on.
Never declare what you're willing to die for, or the world just might oblige.

These are the lessons I learned from you, Sir Auron.
These are the words you never had to say.

"What?" He brushed her bangs aside, looking down his chest at the pale face pillowed over his heart.

"Hm?" Lulu arched an eyebrow.

"Don't play coy," he said. "You're thinking again."

"Oh, right." She rolled onto her side— Auron reached out to grab her shoulder; the airship bunks were none too wide— and stretched with an alluring wriggle. "You're here for what's out here, not what's between my ears."

"Hmph." His hand slid down her side. "And you lured me to your room to discuss strategy, I suppose."

She chuckled."Touché."

"So. What's so important that it's distracting you from... strategizing?" His fingers kept wandering, gliding over her hip in descending circles.

"A great deal." She snuggled closer. "Your fault, of course. You've given me much to think about..." She sighed, letting him fill in lacunas. "The gist: legends are those who out-stubborn the universe."

"Only jackasses can change the world."

"Ha." She elbowed his ribs. "Don't talk like Tidus."

"Al Bhed, actually. One aided me when we got separated."

"The world rewards stubbornness." Her fingers curled into a fist, knuckles pressed against the scar on his chest left by the same stroke that had claimed his eye. "Sometimes."

"Lulu." The soft growl was a command and a warning.

She was happy to oblige. Reverently, wickedly, lovingly — there were never words powerful to describe how two fierce souls met in body's symphony — she climbed his ladder of sinew and muscle, wrapping her arms around him and letting kisses and heated flesh sear away every thought. But as Auron's tongue drove into her mouth to muffle her screams, and as she shuddered beneath him, ravishing him with surrender, one last defiant thought rose above passion's flood:

I will never forget and never regret, though I will never find a living man to match you.

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