Cygna-hime (cygna_hime) wrote in pyre_flies,

Title: Just a Little Game
Setting: In-game, Kilika.
Theme + Number: #31, "Games".
Character/Relationship/Pairing: Dona.
Rating: K.
Warnings: None.
Summary: The name of the game is "race to Zanarkand", and there's no reason not to thin the competition out a little early on.

Go home, little girl. Go home and rest on your father’s laurels; leave the new ones for those of us who have to work for them. Go home, and take this interminable throng of ‘people you can trust’ with you. Have your studies taught you so little? This is a lonely road you’re trying to walk, you little fool, where you take only what you need. Anything more will only be lost on the way.

Maybe if you’re sent home on account of this not-even-a-guardian you have dangling at your tail, then you’ll understand a little better. It’s all part of this game, this race we’re running. Surely you won’t grudge me a little lead, when you have so much fame backing you up. Besides, the best part of the race is removing the competition. Let me see if I can get you disqualified before we’re even properly underway. You wouldn’t have stood the course anyway.

Take yourself off, back to that backwater you seem to like so much, and take your motley crew with you. What do you want to be a summoner for? Did no one ever tell you it’s not a path for people like you? Children who have so many people following them about have no place here. Take your friends, and leave the glory for the rest of us.

In time, you may come to realize what a favor I’m doing for you.
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