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Aulu - Screaming

[[edit: snipped the second two, as I'm going much too fast here]]

Title: Fight Your Sorrow
Setting: FFX, Zanarkand Dome Boss Battle
Theme + Number: Scream(ing), #3
Pairing/Character/Friendship: Auron/Lulu
Rating: T
Warnings: Spoilers To Ending.
Summary: Lulu's reaction to the Auron flashback in Yunalesca's chamber.

Now is the time to choose. Die and be free of pain, or live to fight your sorrow!

Auron's voice rings out like a trumpet to battle, summoning us to the one battle he truly wants us to win. He calls us to blasphemy, and even Wakka won't hesitate now. Destroy Yunalesca!

Did they see it? In all Tidus' barking about his story (it's Yuna's story; we're just along for the ride, foolish boy), did he understand what just played out before our eyes?

Sir Auron's last futile charge: his body lifts up and away and falls broken against the floor where we now stand. His swords spins and plummets, and my heart is screaming as it did when I heard of Chappu's body broken on the Djose sands.

That snake may change herself into a hundred forms, but we'll break them, every one. She betrayed her city. She betrayed Spira. She betrayed Braska. But Auron will be her last victim. Fury sings in my veins as I elbow Wakka out of my path. His eyes widen at the ice in my cold face, and he lunges aside as I raise both fists gathering fire between my palms. I barely feel the waves of nausea as the bitch-snake squirms and strikes back at us, writhing under triple assault of Tidus' darting strokes, Auron's hammer blows, and the bitter rage of one she robbed.

The air screeches with flares, lightning, and the madness of the storm. I could have loved him. You destroyed him. I'll fight Sin tomorrow, but you, Yunalesca, you are going to scream for me now.

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