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Gippal/Baralai - Cold

Title: Cold
Setting: Post FFX-2
Theme + Number: #19 Dawn in winter
Pairing: Gippal/Baralai
Rating: M
Warnings: Vague smut
Summary: Getting warm on cold winter mornings.

Winter's cold catches hold of the temple and won't let go, penetrating the stone walls in autumn and staying there until early summer, and at dawn, every morning, Baralai gets up from his bed shivering.

But this winter, Gippal is staying, and he stays all wrapped around Baralai, sharing warmth and not letting him move, not until the point where his kisses cause Baralai to feel like he's overheating, not until he's moving inside Baralai and then it's nothing but hot-slick movements and gasps and clutching, reaching --

The sex warms them both up and the aftermath keeps them cuddled close.

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