Helluin (auronlu) wrote in pyre_flies,

Aulu ~ Sky

Title: Knight Falls
Setting: Post FFX, Besaid
Theme + Number: Sky, #11
Pairing/Character/Friendship: Auron/Lulu (bit o' Yuna)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Lulu and Yuna watch the stars. Lulu remembers...

Lulu's hand twined with Yuna's. A starry sky over Besaid's beach was a precious commodity, usually hidden by the sea fog that came rolling in each night. Tonight was clear. Tonight ex-Guardian and ex-Summoner stole out for a bit of peace. Yuna needed it more; Lulu could define solitude by a glare or glance. Now they lay side by side on the sand.

"There," the mage said quietly. "Did you see?"

"Star-fall," Yuna whispered back. "Yes, I saw. That's the third. What does it mean, Lulu?"

The mage laughed. "Nothing, I imagine. It happened once in the Calm Lands. The whole sky was dripping stars. Auron would not let me rouse you." It was a white lie, of course. Lulu remembered how she had wept to see them for reasons she could not explain. Auron had guarded her pride while they guarded their Summoner, keeping vigil beside her and raining rough kisses on her exposed skin until a trivial matter like the sky falling was quite forgotten.

"They look like pyreflies," Yuna observed wistfully, as another streaked down with a long streamer of color that faded slowly.

The older woman sighed. "I know."

In her mind's eye, Yuna was back on the deck of Cid's ship, watching her Aeons come apart one by one. Lulu was farther away in dream-Zanarkand. She stood at the edge of a Blitzball stadium lit by a thousand lights. A precious swirl of pyreflies was drifting upwards, merging with the darkened sky--

"Lulu!" Yuna reached over and touched her cheek. "You're crying? What's wrong?"

Amethyst lips twisted into an enigmatic smile. "Just remembering. When you Send, the pyreflies spiral up into the sky. I can't help wishing, sometimes, that we could call them back. But he would not come, would he? This is our world now."

"Chappu?" Yuna asked gently.

Lulu remained silent. A red ember fell from the spine of heaven, and she watched it all the way down. It is our world, but oh, brave star, I wish it could still be yours.

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