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Baralai, Gippal, Nooj and Paine - Lucky

Title: Lucky
Setting: Crimson Squad days
Theme + Number: #25 Lies/stories, #28 Unlucky in love, #78 Fire
Friendship: Baralai, Gippal, Nooj and Paine
Rating: K
Warnings: Hints to Gippal/Baralai
Summary: They're all unlucky in love (but Gippal and Baralai might just get lucky).

"So," Gippal stretches out, leaning back on his elbows and looking between them, from Baralai to Nooj to Paine and back to Baralai, "I told you about my unfortunate adventures with the Al Bhed girl who has an overprotective father. What funny stories have you all got?"

Paine rolls her eyes, poking at the fire and not even flinching at a flurry of hot sparks she stirs up. "I don't go in for that sort of thing anyway."

"Figures you'd be asexual," he snorts. "Haven't you ever had a crush?"

"Perhaps, but she didn't feel the same way."

Paine busies herself with the fire, though a blush rises to her cheeks. Baralai and Gippal both laugh, but it's not a hurtful laughing and it brings an answering smile to her. She sits back and throws a small pebble at Baralai.

"What about you?"

"Me?" Baralai shrugs a little, though the blush that touches his cheeks tells a tale of an innocent little follower of Yevon. Gippal laughs and wonders if he could possibly part Baralai from that innocence. "I've never done anything worth mentioning."

Gippal stretches out a little, reluctant to move from his warm spot too much, finally managing to successfully poke Nooj. "What about Nooj?"

Nooj snorts. "Me? I haven't done anything interesting."

The Al Bhed rolls his eyes. "Guess we're all fated to be unlucky in love, huh?"

"You could be lucky, if you wanted to be," Baralai murmurs, and Gippal's lips curve into a grin.

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