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Gippal/Baralai - Hush Now

Title: Hush Now
Setting: Crimson Squad time
Theme + Number: #33 Exploration, #48 Exposed, #57 Naked
Pairing: Gippal/Baralai
Rating: MA
Warnings: Smut
Summary: Gippal shows Baralai a few things.

Gippal tried not to feel guilty about it. Tried not to wonder why he was so desperate for the shy Yevonite, tried not to think about reasons why or why not while he had Baralai exactly where he wanted him -- underneath him and squirming, flushed and desperate.

"Do you really want this?" he asked, quickly, quietly, because it was more than his pride (and his sense of honour) could bear for there not to be an answer, for Baralai not to say exactly what he wanted and be sure of it. Admittedly, he tilted the odds in his favour by getting Baralai a little worked up first, and he couldn't quite keep himself from kissing Baralai softly, brushing their lips together softly again and again and then kissing him harder, waiting for his answer.


And with that, Gippal told himself, he could be satisfied. So he pulled away a little, desire and hesitance and friendly concern and every other emotion in him open and exposed. Rikku had liked that about him, that when he was going to have sex with someone, he couldn't be insincere. That was totally beyond him.

Baralai sat up, tugging at his robes a little shyly. "Should I...?"

Gippal nodded and got up to struggle out of his own clothes. Nooj and Paine were both asleep. They wouldn't wake up unless Baralai was particularly loud. And if he was, well, they'd know to stay out of the way.

He looked down at Baralai and caught his breath quickly. Baralai smiled a little, reaching for his hand and pulling him down to a kiss that had become far too familiar far too quickly. He pushed against Baralai, and smiled when Baralai moaned and wrapped his arms around him.

"You know what I'm going to do, right?"

"Not really, but I trust you."

Trust. Gippal smiled a little and reached for his clothes, pulling out the oil he'd stowed in his pocket just in case. He opened the little bottle and put some of the stuff over his fingers, moving between Baralai's legs and making him spread them.

"Then just trust me."

Baralai nodded and bit his lip as Gippal's fingers teased at his entrance. He gasped when one of Gippal's fingers slipped inside him and he moaned for more eagerly when Gippal had two fingers inside him, pushing up against his prostate. He held onto Gippal tightly and closed his eyes and thought with a blush of how he should be quiet for Nooj and Paine's sake.

And promptly lost that thought when Gippal pushed into him, a little too fast, a little too rough, stealing his breath away and making him cry out.

"Hush," Gippal whispered, kissing him, and he forced himself back to the thought of Nooj and Paine, only to have it stolen away again as Gippal pulled out of him and thrust back in.

He'd never imagined it quite like that, friction and heat and sweat and teeth tugging gently at his lower lip. He'd never imagined opening his eyes and looking into a face like Gippal's, Al Bhed all over and so open and exposed and human in his pleasure that Baralai doubted the truth in any of the wild cruel stories about the Al Bhed. And then he forgot that thought as quickly as he had every other, clinging to Gippal and moaning. He'd never imagined it, never felt anything like it, never thought it could be so --

"Sssh, ssh," Gippal whispered, kissing his jaw and his neck, wrapping a hand around his cock, and he thought he'd die from it then, delicious heat and friction and closeness like he'd never even dreamed of having. And all he could think for more than one second at a time was that he wanted this forever, wanted Gippal and more of this and the companionship that came with it.

He clung to Gippal when he came, clung to him and cried out his name and threw back his head, and Gippal kissed and bit and licked at his neck, moaning loudly and then he came too, and for a moment there was nothing but the rocking of their bodies together and the quick harsh breaths of both of them.


"Ssh," he whispered again, and Baralai nodded and stayed still.

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