June 6th, 2006

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Mod post!

Hey everyone! Sorry this mod post is so infernally late. I had an exam this morning, so I was panicking last night, and I spent today angsting, stressing and trying to calm down. ;) Anyway, moving swiftly on to what you want to hear about...

Altogether as of now: Eleven of us writing, twenty-one claims, seventy-four fics written. :)

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Three things before I go away and stop bothering you. ;) First, please check out my Final Fantasy drabblechat if you're interested in chatting, writing, and generally bringing FF fandom together. That'll be in August. No set date yet, so we can probably work around your needs. Second off, the community aheadonourway has pimped all my communities, so I'll return the favour. I think it's a really neat little community. :D And finally, I have a new community, ff_threesomes, for all your threesomes from the Final Fantasy series and it's offshoots. It's a much smaller themes list over there and you have three to choose from, too. ;)

Have a relaxing week, everyone. :)

The mod.
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