September 23rd, 2006


Auron/Braska/Jecht; "Five Ways Braska's Pilgrimage Doesn't End"

Title: Five Ways Braska's Pilgrimage Doesn't End.
Setting: Various, approximately FFX -10 years.
Theme + Number: #59, What might have been; #94, Retreat; #27, Frost/ice/snow; #98, Calm; #34, Fumbling/clumsy; #60, Never. As it's ginormous, I didn't feel bad about giving each section its own theme. Hah.
Character/Relationship/Pairing: Auron/Braska/Jecht.
Rating: T.
Warnings: Usual m/m/m slash threesome, het (I swear, they're canon characters! Even if I invented a name or two!), character death (uncanonical), occasional swearing, AU (from various points in canon), length (almost 4,000 words).
Summary: Braska's pilgrimage ends in the Calm Lands, when he calls his Final Aeon. It doesn't end like this. (But it might have.)

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