December 11th, 2006

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Paine/Gippal - Drop Your Guard

I'm sorry, I'm just churning them out, a lot faster than usual... I'm now re-playing FFX-2, so I'm sure that'll give me lots of plot bunnies (it's already given me one, now I just need to fit it to an appropriate theme...). Anyway.

Title: Drop Your Guard
Setting: Again, in the Crimson Squad days.
Theme + Number: #3, Screaming
Pairing/Character/General Relationship: Paine/Gippal
Rating: Um, probably K.
Warnings: None really, other than vulnerable!Paine. Oh, and, it's like a page longer than my last fics. Sorry >.<
Summary: Paine drops her guard and Gippal nearly drops his.

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Let me know what you think :)
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