August 5th, 2007

(Me) Pixels

Mod post!

Hey everyone!

Stats as of now: twenty-five claims, two hundred and fifty-nine fics written. :)

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Let me know if I made any mistakes this week. :D

The day before yesterday I posted that I might be leaving LJ. That's still true. Depending on what response LJ gives, I might. But that's in the future. For now I'd like to encourage you all to write fic, to continue posting fic, to enjoy fandom for all you're worth. Start silly threads involving twisting Firefly quotes to reflect the fandom/LJ situation. Post silly macros in news. Protest in whatever way you deem necessary -- but don't worry too much, don't get stressed about it, and try to have fun.

If fandom has to go, let's go out in style. If fandom can stay, let's stay, and do it with a vengeance.

The mod.
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