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Aulu ~ fish

Me and my idiot determination to do them all in order. This theme's harder than some. :)

Title: Fishy
Setting: Vaguely FFX
Theme + number: #23, fish
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Rating: R
Warnings: Gratuitous
Summary: Skinnydipping. Plot? Point? Ain't none.

It was so sudden that Lulu didn't have a chance to cry out. A soft little plop was her hairstick falling into the pool, and a sudden blinding splash as Auron toppled after it. So silly. And then, of course, the shock: a few cold streams along the way notwithstanding, Auron had always left the water to Tidus and Wakka. What was he thinking?

Swimming in the dark was stupid. The fish in Besaid could gnaw the flesh off your limbs in ten minutes.

Lulu draped herself over snaky tree-roots and peered down at the widening rings of moonlight in the pool below. A few seconds later, his silver-streaked head popped out of the black water, her hairstick clutched improbably in his teeth. He removed it and tucked it into the trailing creepers of the tree she was leaning against.

"It's not cold," he said conversationally. "Come down."

Arching an eyebrow, she glanced over her shoulder.

"Your hair takes twenty minutes. We have ten."

Smiling, she eased herself off the thick branches and felt a moment's trepidation before water closed over her and strong hands were catching her around her waist, lifting her back to the surface. She floated around him, stretching. "I assume there's nothing in here with teeth?" He gave her an opaque look that called for a bit of splashing. "With fins," she clarified.

There was a slosh that might have been a shrug.

"I thought you couldn't swim?" the mage murmured, setting her hands on his shoulders and pulling herself against him.

"Can't fight." He nodded towards the bank. "Armor and sword too heavy."

"In that case," she murmured, shoving off from his body again, eyes crinkling, "there's bigger fish to catch."

Auron watched approvingly as she flashed beneath the water, and dove after.

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