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Aulu ~ Hypothesis

Title: Touchstone
Setting: FFX, somewhere between the Thunder Plains and Macalania Temple
Theme/Number: Hypothesis, #23
Ship: Auron/Lulu
Ratings: G
Warnings: Spoilers to Auron's little secret.
Summary: Lulu checks a theory and discovers Auron's secret. (Backstory to most of my writing -- this is pre-relationship)

"No. Yuna, see to Tidus. I'll take care of Sir Auron."

The Summoner nodded, biting her lip, and moved off to kneel beside the boy struggling weakly to rise. In a better world, one would not have to face daily the sight of loved ones brought to death's edge or beyond by living nightmares.

Uncapping the vial of phoenix down, Lulu gazed at the rugged warrior's grey face. He was still frowning, even now. Shaking the soft golden fibers into her hand, she started to exhale over them, then paused.

Ever since Guadosalam, she had been wondering about him. No, even before that.

The mage gathered Sir Auron's bloody forearm in her opposite hand, searching his wrist with her fingers. His body was beginning to cool off; she shouldn't waste time with this. But she couldn't help being curious.

When she was fairly certain she had the right spot, she blew across her cupped palm, and the soft feathery threads ignited at once at the kiss of her warm, living breath. She shook them across his face and waited. Auron groaned, opened his eye, and gave her a jaundiced look (which, really, was amusing; Wakka and Tidus always had a rather distinct reaction when they found her bending over them). "Yes?" he asked irritably.

No pulse. Yevon, there was no pulse, and yet he was looking her straight in the eye. Lulu fumbled for words, barely daring to breathe. "That chimaera took a bite out of you. Hold still until Yuna's finished working on Tidus."

Nonplussed, he glanced down at her hand, still cupping his wrist. Was she simply touching the wrong spot?


Lulu gazed down at the swordsman with a mixture of awe and profound annoyance.


Almost absentmindedly, his heart began to beat again, and she saw his chest start to rise and fall. Suddenly anger flared in her eyes at the sheer gall of the man, letting himself be killed when he was already dead. So that was the answer to all Seymour's riddling words!

Auron stared at her quizzically, even more puzzled when she pressed a curt kiss against his temple so quickly that he would have thought he'd imagined it, save that it was hard to miss anything that those fierce lips let fall. Then she swept up her skirts, swept to her feet, and stalked off.

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