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Title: Too Much Nog
Final Fantasy: X-2
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Rating: PG
Theme: Intoxication, #26
Warning: spoilers to end of X-2
Summary: Lulu's a little tipsy and makes a near slip during a reunion at Gagazet.

The Ronso ale was flowing freely, and it was the first time the six of them had been together in six years. It was always so precious to hear Yuna laughing, really laughing, without having to pretend or seize the moment like a gemcutter trying to chip a diamond out of a rough matrix.

"What do you say--" Lulu said, rocking back and stretching outrageously, making Tidus goggle a little, for all that he was wrapped around Yuna-- "to a dip in the hot springs upstairs? I could go for a swim."

"Hot springs? Yuna laughed. "Goodness, Lu, I don't think you could walk back to the guest-house, let alone all the way up the mountain. How did you know about those, anyway?"

"Oh, it's not that far. You know," Lulu giggled, feeling vaguely relieved that Wakka had already taken Vidina back to their room, "just up there--" she pointed vaguely to the bluff above them... "there's a little pool, only it's not that little, and Aur--"

A large hand clamped down on her shoulder, and she looked up into deep-set eyes and a wise face crowned by a shaggy white mane. The Ronso rumbled. "Kimahri take Lulu up there, once. Drunk mage tonight, can't climb steps." He stared at her hard while Rikku tittered over her tankard.

"Oh yeah," Tidus said. "Kimahri chased me off, said Lulu was doing her hair or something."

"Drunk mage!" the Al Bhed crowed, proving she, too, had probably downed one too many. "It's a new dressphere!"

Irked, Lulu floundered her way out of the fog, grasping for a suitable retort, and suddenly realized her near-slip. She propped her the back of her head against Kimahri's shaggy chest for a moment. "Thanks," she whispered under her breath. He gave her shoulder a teeth-jarring thump that was probably meant to be a gentle pat and stepped away, crossing his arms.

"Oh, Lulu," Yuna said with a faint hint of reproach. "Why didn't you let us in on that little secret?"

Lulu laughed and waved a hand at her. "Because Tidus would've spied on us."


Kimahri gave a soft whuff of amusement at her elbow. Lulu ducked slightly and winked up at him, hiding nostalgia behind the heavy tankard as she drained her drink. And gotten quite an eyeful, she reflected wistfully. She pondered taking Wakka up there later, then shook her head.

Some memories should be left undisturbed.

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