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Auron and Yuna: Not Porcelain

Title: Not Porcelain
Setting: In Game, original
Theme + Number: 16. Pattern(s), 24. Hypothesis, 41. Cold shoulder, 48. Exposed, 68. Brotherhood/sisterhood
Pairing/Character/Friendship: Auron and Yuna
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Summary: Auron believes in unbreakable things.

She will not break.

Auron knows this because he knows her stance when the fight is over. She is timid when it begins, but she is still young. Not that he ever bowed, but he was hardly a summoner. They as guardians are unequal to the strength of potential that lies within her. The strength.

This is why they are unequal to her, in his mind. This is why he says nothing, instead waiting for her to make a choice. Auron will not let ghosts determine fate.

She will not break. He wants to tell Wakka this, especially. Yuna is not his little sister. She is the child and sibling of no one. Even as she gathers them around her, to be her shell, she knows not to hide within it.

Unlike some. But Auron does not want those images to come to mind.

"Maybe you should rest." Lulu this time, for all the self-possession in her form, she will not let go of a memory. He would pity the man that has to shoulder that, but all his pity dried out with the dust of his original form. He cannot even pity Yuna.

"No, not now. I will. Thank you." He wishes they would not panic in the small ways. A flash of blue, violet, green... people are too apt to panic like that. Her one eye is steady, always looking ahead and the other is vivacious. She is alive. She is not porcelain.

"We must keep moving," he says, but without the urgency of a normal person. It is firm because he is already broken. There are no worries about him breaking.

She smiles at him with Braska's smile, and for the briefest of instants, he wants to sit down and tell her to go far from here. He would send her to the Dream, in an instant like this.

But their conversations are never really spoken. Auron likes to think that maybe with this indirect speech and offset formality, it gives them an understanding. Tidus has cleaved to him in a way the boy does not even want to recognize, but Yuna is stronger and will not resort to such things.

Then nothing will be left behind.

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