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Brother- Something New

Title: Something New

Themes: Screams (3) Clinging (18) Scared (silly) (38) Nothing (64) Moment in time (74)

Character: Brother

Rating: K

Setting: After X2 probably

Notes/warnings: Apologies. My writings lately have been either really sappy or really angsty, so you’ll have to bear with me. This one is on the angsty side.

Summary: It only takes a moment

The screams of the dying and grieving were so loud in his mind it was as if he was in the midst of Home’s destruction again. It was the anniversary of that terrible day and Brother wasn’t even certain that he wanted to be there, where Home once stood. His mixed emotions regarding his former home were still very much raw and he was unsure of what to do about it. Was he supposed to just stand there, solemnly listening to people talk about Home and promise to do whatever they can to rebuild? How many of those promises would be kept?

He looked down, feeling as if the crowd was closing in on him. He hated looking back at that day, because he always thought that he could have done more, but he was so… scared. That fear was making itself known again and Brother could no longer control his shaking hands.

It had been just a moment that started it, and just a moment to break away everything he had known. He had tried and failed to hold onto what of his past and Home that he could. He couldn’t move on, but he knew that he must. But what did he have? What was he supposed to do now?

He, oddly, felt more of a shake in his breathing and his tightly bound emotions began to break free when he felt a comforting touch on his shoulder. Brother didn’t even look up to see who it was that was trying to comfort him; he only took the reassurance thankfully. He knew then that, after holding his confusion in for so long, it took only a tiny gesture from an anonymous person to let his emotions loose.

It was only a moment in time that had started the chaos and destruction, but one more moment would begin something new.

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