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Rikku : Dive

Title: Dive
Setting: FFX, Pilgrimage
Theme + Number: (02) Breathing; (23) Fish; (70) Walking on water; (73) Boats
Claim: Rikku
Rating: K+
Warnings: n/a
Notes: Because my brain always wondered how this worked.
Summary: For a desert-born girl she'd taken to the water lickety-split.

Wakka's already bobbing in the water, and Rikku dives in lightning-quick with a jackknife kick for flair while Tidus grins goofily at Yuna for a goodbye. Wakka won't ever let her outdo him; his somersault is kind of wobbly but he knows from last time that she always snorts water up her nose when she tries to flip, which is a little tickly and makes her laugh.

Rikku loves breathing underwater; the sneaky trick of it feels like she's getting away with something, because not everybody is good at it, although it's just real slow breathing and making sure your lungs can filter all that good ol' oxygen out. She'd tried to teach Yunie the trick to just slipping in and sucking that water down, because secretly she'd hoped Yunie would teach her how to walk on water like she did for a Sending - but Yuna'd just smiled and wondered lightly how her Summons would reach her underwater, if she had to fight. (She'd tried the walking thing and gotten partway - slushing through, hovering with water about kneedeep - before Tidus had ganked her ankles down and tickled her.)

The water in Lulu's spells is a different water: can't breathe in that. Magical water is made for choking, not for swimming; it's the same kind of thick water that follows Sin around in storms. Spira's real water is lighter and less dense, and stickier than Lulu's magic-water, which is a good thing for blitzball. Rikku figures swimming is a bit beneath Lulu's dignity anyway, and she knows she'd nick Auron's pockets for years to pay for a chance to watch the black mage playing blitz.

For a desert-born girl she'd taken to the water lickety-split. It was a good thing, because Brother was crap at it, and so she got to go on all the dives when she was way too young, clambering on a stack of boxes she'd set up so she could get over the side of the boat: Cid showing his love for his chidren by letting them do wildly dangerous things no sane father ever would have. She'd loved it first because it was something she was good at, but second she'd loved it for itself: the motion of the water, the slightly physical way it pushed back at you like a lover, or a small pet (not that young Rikku had known what either was); the fish and the excitement of the dive and that giddy desert-born feeling of being surrounded with water, like she'd won a really huge lottery of high quality wetness.

She'd seen it in Wakka's eyes the first time they'd done a dive together; Tidus knew she could swim, but Wakka had aren't you a girl and girls don't dive written all over his face so she'd started out with her super-patented Rikku Super Splash Cannonball and jumped right in. She wasn't very good at blitz (mostly because she was too fidgety and easily distracted) but they made a good team for all the underwater fighting so Wakka had chuckled and let her disasteriffic catching skills slide ("How can you call yourself a thief with those butterfingers, ya?" and a grin and a noogie, and she was forgiven), at least until the next time they were bored. Now he gives her a grin and a thumbs-up and she splashes him a bit, in jest.

Tidus is finally in the water and Yuna slips out, tiptoeing the surface to heal them one last time like a blessing and boy does she wish she knew how to do that. Lulu and Kimahri are on the stones on the bank, guarding their exit, and Rikku does a crooked flip (complete with water-in-her-nose) and follows the boys under.

For: pyre_flies
XP: brokenprism

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