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Chappu-Wakka-Lulu; "Rainy Day Fun"

Title: Rainy Day Fun.
Setting: Besaid, pre-canon.
Theme + Number: #62, "Dirty Hands".
Character/Relationship/Pairing: Chappu, Wakka, and Lulu (with a side of OC).
Rating: K.
Warnings: Contains Happy!Lulu, because I got sick of angst.
Summary: It's been raining for a week, and Lulu is bored. So she thinks of something to do.

"That's it," said Lulu, standing up and shaking out her dress.

"What's it?" asked Chappu idly. He picked up a black Flip-Flop Fiend piece and jumped two of Lulu's red ones.

Lulu looked around at the inside of the temple, more crowded than usual with other children, and out the door to where the rain poured relentlessly down. "I'm sick and tired of having to stay inside all the time. It's been raining for a week and we've played every game there is to play twice over. I'm bored."

"You could read another book," suggested Chappu. "Or have you read everything in the temple library already?"

"I'm bored of that, too."

"Take a nap, like Wakka?" Wakka had responded to the constant rain by sleeping eighteen hours or more out of every day.

"I'm not tired. I want to do something." Lulu fidgeted, then stopped, grinned. "That's it! Get Wakka up, Chappu. We're going outside."

"But, Lulu, it's raining!"

"Ten out of ten for observation," Lulu said tartly. "Why do you care? Scared of a little rain?"

"No!" And Chappu was off, darting off to the boys' room to wake his brother.

Left to herself, Lulu smirked and pulled her hair back out of her eyes. Luckily, the dress she had on was an old one; what she had in mind could hardly make it worse than it was.

When Chappu returned, dragging a yawning Wakka by the hand, Lulu led them out of the temple's side door. In the general chaos, no one noticed them leave.

"What's the big idea, Lu?" Wakka asked. "I was sleeping!"

"I noticed," she replied, looking around with a speculative glint in her eyes. "You've been sleeping all week. Wouldn't you rather get out and have some fun for a change? Ah-ha!" Her face lit up, and she darted through the raid to the patch of dirt outside the Crusaders' lodge, where the constant passage of feet had churned the wet ground to thick mud. The two boys followed her, confused. Their confusion turned to surprise when Lulu turned around and flung a handful of mud at each of their faces.

She missed, of course; the mud splattered on Wakka's shoulder and missed Chappu entirely. But it didn't matter. This meant war.

"I'll get you for that!" Wakka shouted, laughing and bending to scoop up a mudball of his own.

"Just you try it!"

Unfortunately for Lulu, Wakka was a much better shot than she was.

"Stupid blitzball," she grumbled, wiping mud out of her eyes only to have another blob hit the side of her head. A similar mudball hit Wakka full in the face.

"Hey!" yelled Wakka, spitting out mud. "Chappu, you cheating traitor!"

The younger boy tried and failed to look innocent as he hid his muddy hands behind his back. "Who, me? What'd I do?"

Lulu and Wakka looked at each other, then very slowly turned back to look at Chappu.

"Uh-oh," he said, starting to run. Unfortunately for him, while he could outrun his brother at least for a little while, Lulu was taller than he was, and her legs were longer. She caught up with him soon enough, and Chappu was bowled over by an impressive tackle. "Ow! That hurt, Lulu!"

"Serve you right," said Lulu smugly, sitting on his stomach to hold him down as Wakka smeared mud all over Chappu's face.

"You know," Chappu remarked when she eventually let him up, "you got back at me, and we got back at you, but no one got back at Wakka yet."

At such close range, there was really no chance of missing.

* * *

"What do you three think you're doing?" ranted Lulu's aunt Rilla in full lecture mode. The children looked at their muddy feet (and, indeed, muddy everything else) and said nothing. "Here I am, thinking my niece would be safe and warm in the temple like a sane person, not gallivanting off in the rain with no one else around. Silly me, thinking one of you might have some common sense by your age--you're almost eleven, Wakka; I expected better of you."

"But, Miss Rilla--" Wakka began.

Rilla ignored him. "You could have been killed! You know the rain brings out the strongest fiends, you know it's dangerous outside!"

"But we were right outside the lodge!" Lulu objected.

"It's not as if we haven't--oof!" Before he could say anything more, Lulu elbowed Wakka in the stomach. She had very sharp elbows.

"Haven't what?" asked Rilla suspiciously.

"Been out in the rain before," Lulu said. "It gets like this every year, and nothing's ever happened to us before."

"And I don't want this to be the first time!"

"Really, Aunt Rilla, nothing happened. We weren't attacked or anything, I promise. We're fine."

"You don't look it," sniffed the woman, but she smiled and the children knew she was giving in. "Covered in mud like that. What did you do, bathe in it? I should make you all stand outside and let the rain clean you off."

"But you wouldn't, would you, Miss Rilla?" Chappu asked at his most innocently appealing.

"Oh, go off back to the temple, the pair of you," said Rilla with a chuckle. "Lysse is wondering where you are. And no more mud baths!"

"Yes, Miss Rilla," chorused the boys. They trotted obediently off.

"Really, Lulu," Rilla said, "what possessed you to do something like that?"

Lulu shrugged. "I was bored. Now I'm not. What's for dinner?"

"If it doesn't stop raining soon, we'll all go mad," muttered Rilla. "Beginning with me. I think it's too late for you three."

Lulu smiled.

Notes: It's been raining off and on for at least a week around here, so I may be projecting, just a bit. Oh, and Lulu's aunt also appears in "The Beginning"--get used to her, she'll be showing up off and on.

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