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Wakka/Rikku - Once Upon A Time

Title: Once Upon A Time
Setting: pre-FFX, ten years ago and present
Theme + Number: First (1)
Pairing/Character/Friendship: Wakka/Rikku
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Summary: Wakka recalled his first encounter with a certain Al Bhed.

The very first Al Bhed that Wakka saw was when he finally got the chance to visit Luca for a real Blitzball tournament. Excited about the new environment so different from home, he explored the town alone on the first day he got there.

Young and wild, thirteen year old Wakka continued his adventure through the small alleys and finally reached near the exit to the town. He wandered and stopped as he noticed a blitzball laid under a tree in the small patch of grass on the pavement. Feeling excited, he went forward and picked up the ball. The next moment when his mind finally recovered its usual functioning, he found himself being hung upside down on the tree.

"Yes I did it!"

He frantically searched for the source of the voice, hoping to get help. A little girl popped out from behind the tree and jumped around clapping her little hands and smiling brightly at the poor boy who walked into her trap.

Before Wakka could react, the little girl quickly dismantled some parts which he could never have named and dropped him down to the ground.

"Hey that hurts ya?"

"Heh, sorry! I was very happy because this is the first trap that I have made and you proved that it worked well!"

He took a good look at the excited girl in front of him, and the first thing he noticed was her pretty green eyes and beautiful blonde hair that was so very Al Bhed. She hopped in front of him and grinned so sweetly till her eyes became a narrow line, that Wakka almost forgot to chide her for tricking him into walking into her trap and the usual lectures by the adults on how bad the Al Bheds are supposed to be. He was about to speak when she suddenly placed a kiss on his cheek and hopped off.

"That's a thank you gift for helping me!"

Wakka was about to call out to her, but she had disappeared into the busy crowd of Luca before he could do so.

It was one of those short and tiny unforgettable moments which he had kept it locked in the back of his head, till now, Wakka observed as the Al Bhed sunshine tried to steal one of his potatoes off his plate.

Blonde, green eyes, smiley and that voice that sounds like the sweet tingling sound of bells that he used to hear when the wind played with his mother's hair accessories.

He defended his potatoes before Rikku could poke her fork into them, while his mind suddenly dug out this little memory of his first encounter with the Al Bhed. Maybe it was her laughter or that mischevious smile that was starting to make him wonder if she was that little girl that he had met ten years ago. Noticing his distraction, the little thief quickly caught him off guard by putting a little peck on his cheek and swept off the remaining potatoes into her plate while he was feeling shocked.

That familiar feeling...

Making a little complaint and the usual fun squabbles that made Yuna laugh, Wakka thought if he should ask Rikku if she had been to Luca ten years ago.

But as he thought again, maybe not.

He would rather eat a whole basket of blitzballs than let everyone else knew he was once hung onto a tree by a five-year old girl.

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