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Yuna; perhaps, perhaps

Title: perhaps, perhaps
Setting: In-game, FFX. S.S. Liki.
Theme + Number: 073, Boats
Pairing/Character/Friendship: Yuna
Other characters: Tidus, Valefor
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Summary: Yuna starts her journey. S.S. Liki, Sin, and the aftermath.
Notes: The somewhat chronological order of fics can be found here.

Leaving Besaid wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Perhaps it was because I told myself that it would be an adventure; one grand, final adventure, the sweeping epic of good against evil. Maybe it was because I would finally be able to trace my father's footsteps along those far away shores and find him: find my father, the man who loved me and raised me and left me, and not Lord Braska, the High Summoner revered by all Spira.

Perhaps meeting new people, new friends, made it all easier. Maybe their stories gave me hope. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Tidus explaining something about blitzball strategy to the Aurochs, his hands flailing about, and he was all energy and laughter and life. He scratched the back of his head and trailed off when he noticed me watching. I smiled at him and he waved back at me, silly grin in place. Wakka thwacked him with a blitzball and I turned away, and the smile that I was trying to hide felt more real than the one I gave him.

I wondered if all these attachments would just make it harder in the end, but the end, as ominous at it sounded, seemed both so far away and very near. Perhaps I was being selfish, but I could not say no to what I could have in the present.

We were nearing Kilika when someone yelled "Sin!" at the top of his voice. It probably was Datto. Or perhaps it was Letty. Or maybe it was neither of them, just one of the ship's hands. It didn't matter; it wasn't important. The boat was tilting and I was sliding towards the starboard and Tidus was gripping my hand, looking as surprised (and maybe as scared) as I felt. His grip slipped, and before I could even properly comprehend I was falling, I was in Kimahri's gentle arms.

Valefor fluttered, uneasy at Sin's approach. She didn't seem afraid---why should she be? Surely she had been summoned many, many times before in the face of Sin?---but her anger was palpable. "It is the destroyer," she murmured and there was sadness from her too, and I didn't understand why. "It has arisen again."

I didn't question her---I called her to me and she flew through the sky, all majesty and beauty and grace. Her attacks were relentless but in the end it still wasn't enough.

Our efforts didn't matter. Sin headed away and there was nothing we could do. I sat on the deck, Tidus's head in my lap (he had been thrown into the water and was only half-conscious when Wakka had dragged him back up), and he was staring in a daze at the red sky. He looked confused and tired and all out of hope, and I wondered if he was thinking of his Zanarkand and the blitzball stadium all lit up all night.

What a wonderful place it would be, that Zanarkand. Perhaps, one day . . . .

Valefor's sigh sounded like wind rustling through the grass, and it made me think of a thousand years of sorrow.

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