Nevar (saharasnow) wrote in pyre_flies,

Wakka/Rikku - Pyreflies Whispers

Title: Pyreflies Whispers
Setting: Post-FFX, Moonflow
Theme + Number: Whisper (4)
Pairing/Character/Friendship: Wakka/Rikku
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Summary: Pyreflies replayed some unforgettable memories of Rikku.

There were a lot of places in Spira that had pyreflies, but Rikku had chosen the Moonflow if she ever wanted to watch them.

Because the other places were filled with too many tragic memories.

Pyreflies floated around her and whispering fading memories of the past, Rikku smiled when she saw herself and Wakka standing at the shore where she joined the pilgrimage. More pyreflies began to gather near her, as if feeding onto the memories she could provide; the scenes of the pilgrimage came to her frame by frame.

Tidus’s joy in seeing her once again.

Yuna’s surprised look when she recognized her.

Auron looking into her eyes sternly.

Lulu’s maturity that Rikku envied so much.

Kimahri’s warm and comfortable fur when she snuggled up to him at Mt. Gagazet.

And Wakka…

He yelled at her when he discovered her heritage; he ignored her till Home was destroyed. He made a pathetic attempt trying to comfort her that infuriated her. She remembered it all too well, especially the night when he grabbed so tightly onto her, refusing to let her run away.

He pulled her in close and apologized for hurting her. After she got tired of crying, he held her hands while coaxing her to get some sleep. It was one of the sweetest memories she had of him.

Rikku blinked her eyes, and the memories dissolved into pyreflies once again. The voices had stopped, and no more whisperings from the memories could be heard. She shrugged and sighed as she looked down on the wedding invitation card she had received from Wakka and Lulu.

Memories are nice, but that’s all they are.

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