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Brother- Testing the Limit

Title: Testing the Limit

Themes: In the middle (50) Test (55) Bad temper (87)

Character: Brother

Notes/warnings: Apologies (again) for an abrupt ending. I need to work on that.

Setting: During X-2, I suppose

Summary: Brother’s fuming after a fight with Cid

He said nothing and looked at no one as he entered the bridge, his rage threatening to overcome him. He couldn’t talk to anyone if he wanted to, he was too… angry. He knew that he should have known better than to let his father stay on the airship, because Brother and Cid in a room together only led to argument.

“Brother?” He heard Rikku’s voice as she tentatively approached him. “You okay?”

He remained silent as he approached the piloting station to relieve Buddy, but Buddy stayed in the chair.

“I don’t think you should be piloting when you’re this riled up,” his friend spoke quite calmly, and Brother didn’t answer except for a few mumbled curse words.

“Maybe you should go and chill out somewhere, ‘cause I think we’d all like to live to see another day.”

Brother was prepared to shout at Buddy to move, as he had already lost his temper, until he felt Rikku grab his arm.

“Brother,” Rikku whined, “C’mon, let’s go somewhere where you can cool off…”

He snorted, slowly making an exit so as not to further embarrass himself and trying not to lose it again when he heard his sister’s light footsteps behind him.

She stopped next to him and managed to look him in the face sternly. “You had another fight with Pop, didn’t you?”

Brother kept his silence once again. Of course, he had fought with Cid, but he didn’t want Rikku to get involved with it too. She always had a habit of throwing herself into the middle of their fights. He managed to get away from her again and keep walking. He knew that his sister was only concerned for him, but he just couldn’t talk about it. Even Brother wasn’t sure why he and Cid never got along. All he knew was that his father irritated the hell out of him. Cid had really been testing Brother’s limits lately, almost like some kind of game. It seemed sometimes that everything to Cid was a game, and he never thought of anything but himself.

What troubled Brother, though, was something that Yuna had told him once. “The more that two people fight, the more they truly care about each other.”

He shuddered at the thought.

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