Helluin (auronlu) wrote in pyre_flies,

Aulu ~ Exploration

Title:Untrodden Paths
Setting: FFX, anywhere
Theme/Number: Exploration #33
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Rating: R
Summary: Intimacy and its limits.

When Lulu painted fine lines of flame or frost across Auron's weathered hide, or when he teased her to sighing torment with his tongue burnishing the white shell of her skin, that was a magical journey. Yet they only skimmed each others' surfaces. They reached deeper when they locked gazes like Ronso in a silent battle of wills, eye to single eye with the fire of their souls unshuttered; deeper still when they met in that place of madness and bliss that had no name. Yet both knew they only stood upon the threshold.

Lulu found herself yearning to explore all the hills and valleys of Auron's silences, the trials of his years in the monastery and the particular paths that had led him there, his steps towards death with Braska, and the fog-shrouded enigma of his last ten years. Auron let her know with his oblique questions that he had been listening tightly to the few clues she let slip, and he had more than professional curiosity about her last two pilgrimages, her years with his best friend's daughter, the way she had come into her power, how she had learned loss so young and dared to love anyway. They could have explored more deeply but forbore, fearing that they might not find their way out again if they dared set foot in the virgin canyons of each other's souls.

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