Yati (cyrnelle) wrote in pyre_flies,

Yuna; and absolute power

Title: (and absolute power)
Setting: In-game, FFX. Luca.
Theme + Number: 017, Hunger
Pairing/Character/Friendship: Yuna
Other characters: Seymour
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary: Seymour summons Anima.
Notes: The somewhat chronological order of fics can be found here.

I glanced up to see Maester Seymour summoning. His aeon was powerful, so very powerful, and for a moment the Cure on my fingertips almost dissipated to nothing as I stared at both of them, transfixed.

Such power.

Lulu snapped at me. "Yuna! Concentrate!" I started at her voice and went back to tending the injured. The girl I healed wiped the tears from her face, murmuring her thanks. The chaos around us subsided. The fiends were all gone.

I turned to watch Maester Seymour. He was smiling. His aeon lashed against its chains, howling at the sky.

Such power.

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