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Gippal/Baralai - Right

Title: Right
Setting: Post FFX-2
Theme + Number: #2 Breathing, #8 Stay awake, #40 (History) books, #43 Foolish, #74 Moment in time
Pairing: Gippal/Baralai
Warnings: Sap
Summary: Baralai; asleep and very cute.

Baralai's breathing is soft and slow, and Gippal can't help but grin stupidly (god, Gippal, you're getting to be such a sap) at the cute picture he makes, snuggling in beside him and pushing the book from his lap. He slides his arm around him carefully and holds him, fitting them together, and sits there quietly, perfectly happy to just have that for the moment -- Baralai's soft slow breaths and the slow drumming of Baralai's heart when he puts a hand on his chest over it, and the perfect way they fit, snuggled together in just the right way.

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