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Paine- Refuge

Title: Refuge

Themes: out of the sun (12) pattern(s) (16) (with) benefits (22) senses (52) retreat (94)

Character: Paine

Setting: Pre X-2 (Crimson Squad days)

Rating: M, I suppose...

Notes/warnings: sexual situations, Paine/Gippal

Summary: “Gippal was never predictable, and that was what drew Paine to him in the first place. They had become fast friends when they were put on the same team, but it didn’t take long for their relationship to evolve.”

Gippal was never predictable, and that was what drew Paine to him in the first place. They had become fast friends when they were put on the same team, but it didn’t take long for their relationship to evolve. It had become a comforting pattern as of late, no matter how hard the day, she could always count on Gippal’s company at night. It was nothing romantic, at least not in the traditional sense. They were close, but Paine would not have been surprised if Gippal was seeing other people. She supposed that if she had to classify their relationship she would call it “friends with benefits.”

She relaxed in the embrace of the Al Bhed. The nature of their relationship did bother her to an extent when she thought of others sharing Gippal’s bed, but for now she was, for the most part, content. From the beginning, she had not expected a monogamous relationship with him, so she tried to push it from her thoughts. She only focused on Gippal’s touch, his movement. She closed her mind to any intrusions as she once again felt his rough hands sweetly caress her. Paine only cared to retreat into their own world.

Gippal almost inaudibly moaned her name as his touches became more intense. She could barely make out his features in the dim lighting of the tent, but between that and the thrill of the moment, it was more than enough. The gratifying heat as he entered her did away with all the thoughts that her will alone could not get rid of. Gippal’s movements were gentle, but needy and his breathing had become ragged. No doubt, he was trying to keep quiet, so as not to wake Nooj or Baralai in the next tent. Paine knew how difficult it was. She too had trouble staying quiet in times like these, feeling him on top of her, breathing the combined scent of sweat and sex, there were times when she wished she could scream.

She loved every sensation, particularly the one that overcame her looking up at and feeling Gippal when he reached his climax. If she hadn’t by then, that would send her over the edge as well. She gripped his sweat soaked body, savoring the feeling of his muscles tightening with pleasure as she released with a barely repressed scream.

They stayed in that position for a few moments as they caught up with their breathing and then Gippal slowly withdrew. Without thinking, Paine leaned over to retrieve her clothes that were scattered about the tent. That is, until she felt Gippal’s hand on hers.

“Where do you think you’re going? C’mere,” Gippal said slyly as he guided her to lay next to him.

She thought it odd, as Gippal wasn’t usually one for after-sex cuddling. Usually, she put something on and they went to sleep as if nothing had happened. She smiled, though, leaning on her elbow and looking down at the man laying next to her. She reached out to lightly tough his hair, which was still, mostly, standing. (How it managed to stay up after these nights was beyond her.) The heat lingered between them as she ran her fingers through his hair that she had so many times, to herself, compared to a sun. Between that and their sweating bodies, she thought it a fitting analogy.

She exhaled with satisfaction as she pulled a light blanket over them. However comforting their little pattern may have been, it was always nice when he surprised her by tweaking it a little bit.

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