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Paine- Opening Up

Title: Opening Up

Themes: First (1) Foolish (43) Exposed (48) Naked (57) Sunshine and daisies (75)

Character: Paine

Setting: During X-2

Rating: K

Notes/warnings: None, really (*gasp*) Just Paine angsting a bit

Summary: Does the comfort of friendship outweigh the risks?

Paine could not understand her comrades, mostly Rikku. She was always pushing Paine to talk, to “open up.” Paine had tried almost everything she could think, with the exception of severely injuring the young Al-Bhed, but Rikku was quite persistent.

Paine simply could not get through to her that there were some things that she just couldn't talk about. Foolish, perhaps, but Paine could not expose herself to someone like that. It was like being naked in the cold, like asking to be hurt. True, Rikku and Yuna were the first real friends that she had since the Crimson Squad disbanded, but Paine still kept to herself for precisely that reason. What if she were to lose them too? The separation of her and her friends that she had shared so much with was too much to bear and she did not want to happen again.

Rikku had asked her how she would feel if her friends just shut her out like that, and Paine did not have an answer. She just wanted to scream at Rikku that life was not all sunshine and daisies, and no amount of optimism can fix everything. On the other hand, she could see where Rikku was coming from, and she did feel bad about what she was unintentionally putting them through. No, she told herself, she would not be hurt like that again.

Does the comfort of friendship outweigh the risks? Paine was not certain, but she thought that she would eventually find out as Rikku approached her with the usual bounce in her step.

“C’mon,” Rikku said cheerfully, “Treasure sphere waves!”

Paine silently followed behind Yuna and Rikku. Maybe this wasn’t so bad. Maybe, if she put a little bit of trust in her friends, she could find what she sought.

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