Nevar (saharasnow) wrote in pyre_flies,

Wakka/Rikku - A Little Wish

Title: A Little Wish
Setting: During FFX, airship (most convenient place)
Theme + Number: Soft/smooth (9)
Pairing/Character/Friendship: Wakka/Rikku
Rating: MA (or NC-17) to be safe
Warnings: Smut, sex
Summary: Probably why Rikku decided to leave her hair to grow longer than it normally is.

Wakka would normally like to take the top.

However that seemed to have became a problem when the girl he was pleasuring was Rikku. She didn't play by the rules and she never allowed him to seize total control.

Her tiny little hands worked wonders on his body, just like how she worked wonders with machina and mixing all the crazy potions with silly names he could never understand. The massaging of his toned muscles, the slow and light touches of her finger sliding down from his throat to his stomach, the mischevious circling near his groin and the naughty grin she wore on her child-like face.

She could remove both their clothes as fast as she could dismantle a machina, and Wakka often wondered if that actually came from a lot of practicing; which then led him to wonder how many more guys had she done before him. Whatever it was, he might felt a bit uncomfortable with the fact that she might have been touched by another before, however he was no innocent virgin himself. And he probably felt a bit grateful that all her skills would be used on him to provide him the utmost pleasure.

His hands wandered around her petite form, adding a little amount of pressure on her back as she allowed him to enter her.

Her hands brushed across his body when she felt every waves of tension flowed through her body, pushing off his bandana off his head and messed up his long red fringe that normally stood up tall. His fingers reached the back of her head, slipping inbetween the band and her hair and removing it completely.

Rikku had the most beautiful blonde hair he had ever seen. She let her hair dropped to the front as she leaned forward and placed warm and passionate kisses on his chest. Wakka could feel her hair and body so soft and smooth against his that was so opposite.



"Don't ever think of cutting your hair... ya?"

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