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Aulu ~ sticky situation

Title: Broken Mirror
Pairing: Auron, Lulu (also Wakka here)
Setting: FFX, post-game
Theme/Number: Sticky Situation, #39
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers to ending.
Summary: Lulu dodging an awkward suggestion from Wakka.

"Hey, Lu!"

The mage looked up from her sewing with a distant frown. Yes, sewing. Her unusual tastes in clothing confounded the Besaid weavers entirely, and she had to do her own repairs. It had been a long pilgrimage, and the embroidery on her sleeves had unravelled like Yevon, like all her fears and expectations. The quiet joy of Yuna's survival was a cause for flowers. But for other reasons, she was feeling threadbare.

Menial tasks helped.

"Let's go back to Guadosalam, eh? Let's tell Chappu what happened!"

She drew a sharp breath. She had told herself she would be prepared to see one more familiar face take its place among the beloved dead. Auron had so earned it. But was she ready? And what would Wakka think, if it was not Chappu nor Ginnem that appeared before her?

"The Guado," she said quietly, "may not be ready for visitors. Especially the slayers of Lord Seymour."

"Oh, right." Wakka rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, dey were so sad, last time we stopped by. Trommel thought we meant to kill 'im. An' dey were all 'we're just waiting for Sin to kill us,' ya know. Dey'd given up. Maybe dey need some good news. Healing Spira, putting our old quarrels behind us, like Yuna said."

"I have had enough journeying for a while!" Lulu snapped sharply.

Wakka blinked, visibly backpedalling without actually taking a step. "You're kiddin', right? I thought you said after pilgrimage, if we actually survived dis thing, you wanted to travel and pick Master Maechen's memories--"

"That was before." Lulu gazed down wearily at the embroidery. "Wakka--"

"Hey, you two." A slip of a figure was blinking in the early light filtering between the pillars before the temple.

"Heee-ey... sleepyhead!" The blitzer turned and went bounding towards her. "Yuna! I got a great idea! Let's go to--"

"Wakka," the mage said sharply. "No. Just no."

He halted, head and shoulders drooping. "Hey, it was just an idea."

Yuna looked up at him with a hollow-eyed smile. "What was?" she asked in a low, flat voice.

The kindhearted athlete gazed down at her gaunt expression, and his own softened at once. "Nevermind. Lu's right. Let's just go to the beach today, ya?"

"Okay." Yuna dropped her eyes and glided across the village square to seat herself quietly next to the mage. A handful of well-wishers and admirers seem to swarm from the huts almost at once, converging on the pair. Lulu folded her work and rose quietly to stand beside the newest High Summoner, arms folded. If Yuna grew too fatigued, a few sharp words or steely gazes would clear a space for her.

Yuna glanced up with a private, grateful wink, composed herself demurely, and began to face the day's petitioners.

Wakka watched them with a sigh and a head-shake. "I'll see you sometime, Chappu, okay?" he said wistfully, and picked up his ball to head for the beach.

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