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Paine- Only You

Title: Only You

Themes: Intoxication (26) Games (31) Cold shoulder (41) Test (55) Help(ing hand) (76)

Character: Paine

Rating: K

Setting: Pre FFX

Notes/warnings: Yet another Paine/Gippal (It seems that I have been on a Paine/Gippal kick lately) and this follows my fic “Arrangement,” (and the other P/G fics that I have written for this community) but can stand alone.

Summary: Paine is distracted while on sentry duty

Gippal was not the only one that noticed that Paine had been giving him the cold shoulder. Baralai had mentioned it to her on one occasion, but she told him nothing. She had figured that the only way to keep herself from being too tempted by Gippal again was to ignore him. It was a lot more difficult than it seemed, though, and even if Gippal was only playing mind games by using sweet talk, she was still entirely too tempted by him. The last thing that she wanted to do was to fall back into their friends with benefits pattern, but that, unfortunately, seemed like a strong possibility.

Paine shivered in the cold of the night and tried to focus on something else. The reason that she had volunteered for sentry duty that night was so that Gippal, hopefully, would leave her alone. As she should have guessed, though, that was not the case. She heard Gippal quietly greet her, but she kept facing forward, determined that she would not respond. She treated it almost as a test of her self control, but so far, it was a test that she was in danger of failing.

“You can’t ignore me forever, huh?” Gippal spoke enthusiastically despite the situation. He gently put his hand on her shoulder as he took a seat next to her. The warmth of his hand against her made her shiver as she pushed it off.

“Leave me alone,” she spoke almost inaudibly, wondering how many times she would have to say it before he listened.

“C’mon. Talk to me… please?”

Paine held in a sigh. She was finding it harder to ignore him with every passing moment. Just hearing him speak to her in a certain way was almost intoxicating. “What do you want?” She asked, mentally cursing her lack of control.

“You,” Gippal answered simply, “Just you…” He slowly put his arms around her waist and drew her close to him, resting his chin on the top of her head.

As much as her mind told her to pull away from the warm embrace, Paine found herself relaxing against him, letting him warm her. A part of her still wondered, though, if he did truly mean it. Was this the help she needed? How could a relationship with Gippal even work?

It was not long before she had completely given in to Gippal as her self control had once again left her. She did not think of her doubts for a moment as he kissed her quickly and softly. She relaxed against him once again after a moment, almost embarrassed that she had given in so easily.

Gippal did not seem to notice, however. He seemed perfectly content where he was, even if there was no conversation between them. In classic Gippal fashion, though, he broke the silence after a minute or so. “Guess there’s no getting away from it, is there?”

Paine smiled a bit and shook her head, thinking that perhaps it was worth the risk to try and have a relationship with Gippal, even if all he was doing right now was distracting her from sentry duty.

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