Nevar (saharasnow) wrote in pyre_flies,

Wakka/Rikku - Little Advantage

Title: Little Advantage
Setting: FFX
Theme + Number: Little things (20), (with)Benefits (22)
Pairing/Character/Friendship: Wakka/Rikku
Rating: K (or G)
Warnings: None.
Summary: Rikku contemplated the advantage of her size.

When Rikku was little, she remembered the games played back at Home; like the height comparisons between the kids to see who was able to outgrow who. She took her mother's advice and ate and jumped a lot, in hope of growing taller; and shutting the kids up who always called her the little one.

But she was born with a petite shape. Sometimes she hated the fact that she resembled her mother more than her father, at least when it came to height issues.

However, now she was actually glad for her petite size.

At least she was able to make up an excuse of feeling cold and sneaked into Wakka's embrace. Wakka once called her the little thing, and strangely she did not really minded it, though she did kicked him in his shin lightly faking an annoyance.

As she rocked lightly in Wakka's embrace while he slept, she looked up to the starry night sky, whispering to her mother who was long gone; thanking her for her little size that had provided her much more benefits and advantages than she had expected.

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