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Aulu ~ Dreamy

Title: Freefall
Setting: FFX, Game's Ending
Theme + Number: Dreamy (46)
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Weird.
Summary: Surreal weird moment as they journey towards the heart of Sin.

Hopes, dreams, regrets: Lulu and Auron had little patience with any of the three. Let Tidus and Yuna float on gossamer memories of a watery liaison drenched in Macalania moonlight. The older Guardians' feet were rooted firmly on solid earth, and their eyes on the road ahead. If they had taken time along the way for a few moments of private passion, well, that had been raw skin, heaving bodies and sweat, not the stuff of daydream and scented flowers.

No, but...

Somewhere inside Sin's tormented nightmares, where a darkened sky gusted ribbons of ghost-light, where crystal trees fenced a tenuous boundary around an icy lake, where spikes of deadly cold flitted from spot to spot impaling their footprints with up-thrust pinnacles of ice, where eerie hanging jewels drifted in and out of existence taunting and beckoning: in a world gone mad they danced between death and dream. Lulu felt giddy, although his presence was more sensed than seen as they battled to survive and keep their friends alive.

There was no time for thought or strategy now. All their effort was bent on movement, staying two steps ahead of the lunging stalactites that threatened to spear them every moment. Yuna's Guardians wove and spun, spiralling across the glassy surface like frantic pyreflies.

Tidus cursed as a flickering jewel melted before his outstretched hands. His friends converged on him as a spike of ice inexplicably exploded into a strange armored behemoth with a clashing shell.

Were the dreams of the Fayth like this? Auron's black blade sheared through the alien creature's carapace, Kimahri's spear drove in through the breach, and Tidus executed one of those complicated spinning leaps to take it down. Lulu twisted away from another ice-spear that had erupted at her feet. Her shoes skidded on the slick surface, but a strong arm caught her by the waist and steadied her.

"Concentrate," Auron growled.

His scowl eased a fraction at the mage's improbably radiant smile. She twirled around him, and for a moment they were dancing together, circling towards a shimmering glow that was gathering itself in mid-air a few paces away.

The air here fairly quivered with magic. It was twisted, wrong, horrible, and yet there was an eerie beauty to the un-world of Sin's delirium that reminded Lulu of the power caged in a shadow gem. "I wish we could stay," she breathed. A sharp ringing clang drove them apart as yet another ghostly spine shot up between them.

"Odd tastes you have," he observed wryly.

Delicate golden and rosy light resolved itself into a large jewel hovering nearby. They lunged in unison, hands clasping it the last instant before it dissolved. Their fingers passed through it and met palm to palm. For a moment they stood frozen there like two figures hovering on the edge of the Farplane, mirrored in each other's eye. Lulu noticed her own hands had become as transparent as glass. She met his concerned gaze serenely. Maybe this was as far as their journey could go, after all. Neither the living nor the dead belonged here. Only dream eternal...

Then the ghostly dark world unravelled around them in black ribbons, and suddenly, inexplicably, they stood on a solid metal platform, surrounded by the lights and spires of ancient Zanarkand.

They were out of time. All that remained was battle and a long-postponed Sending. Auron's smoldering eyes locked onto a dark figure at the far end of the pier, silhouetted against a burning glyph that Lulu had seen somewhere before. Forgotten, she stepped away and folded her arms, bracing herself for what must be.

The dream had run its course. This was his story now.

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