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Aulu ~ Loyalty

Title: The Reason Why
Setting: FFX, post-Zanarkand
Theme + Number: Loyalty (56)
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Rating: G
Summary: What draws her to him. What makes him stay.

"This... is for the fallen!" Auron's voice rang with the same steel as his blade. The others scattered, having learned to recognize when the Legend was about to unleash one of those devastating moves that more than justified his reputation. Unwisely, Lulu dropped back three steps and braced herself, watching him square off with the hideous writhing mass of tentacles that blocked the way forward.

Whistles and gasps of awe were drowned out by a rumbling maelstrom that picked up the Marlboro, whirled it twice, and then engulfed it in an explosive pillar of fire. The concussion hurled them against the rocky ground. When black smudges had stopped dancing before their eyes, there was no Marlboro in sight.

Bruised and stunned, Lulu nodded a distractive affirmative to Wakka's concerned query as he helped her to her feet. Auron stood a short distance off with his back to the rest of them, sword sunk into the ground at the very lip of the cliff, left arm tucked away in his coat again, gazing out across the deep canyon that dropped away at their feet. Tidus was chattering away at him, but he seemed oblivious. He might as well be a temple statue.

Lulu understood. Here Braska had met his fate; here Jecht had been chained. Auron's invocation had been more than mere platitude. The burning will behind those words was almost a match for Sin's. She allowed herself a moment's surge of admiration and fierce love and despair.

"Lu?" Wakka repeated.

"I'm fine, Wakka," she said crossly.

"Okay." He dropped her arm hastily and cleared his throat. "Man, that was some move, wasn't it?"

"You have no idea," the mage said absently, ignoring his quizzical look. "Yuna? We'd better keep moving."

Auron roused himself and stalked back to his place holding the rearguard. The others began to descend the dangerously narrow trail with Tidus bounding ahead of Kimahri, eager to find this rumored Celestial Weapon. Meanwhile, Lulu paused at the head of the sloping path. The swordsman halted at once, arching an eyebrow. "Danger?"

She shook her head, reached out and skimmed the back of two fingernails against his stubbled cheek, a lesser indiscretion than the one she had in mind. "For the fallen."

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