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Something She Left Behind ; Seymour/Yuna

Title: Something She Left Behind
Setting: AU - During and after the wedding
Theme + Number: 93 - broken
Pairing/Character/General Relationship: Seymour/Yuna
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mentions sex. Nothing graphic.
Word count: 777
Summary: She cries her life is like, some movie black and white. ~ Hemorrhage, Fuel

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Mod post!

Hey everyone!

Stats as of now: thirty-five claims, two hundred and eighty-three fics written.

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Let me know if I made any mistakes this week.

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Women bleed//Seymour

Seymour; Don't Follow Me (Part 3)

Title: Don’t Follow Me (Part 3 of 3)
Setting: FFX/X2
Theme + Number: 25)Lies/Stories, 36) Wrench, 75) Sunshine and daisies, 98) Calm
Character: Seymour
Other Characters/Pairings: Seymour/Shelinda
Rating: PG
Warnings: None.
Summary: Shelinda confronts Seymour for the last time in Bevelle before his marriage to Yuna. Also, an epilogue which takes place many years after Yuna and her guardians have defeated Sin.

Part 1 Part 2

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#60 "Never"

Title: Never Forget
Game: FFX
Setting: Al Bhed Airship, sometime near game's end
Theme + Number: Never (60)
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Rating: R
Word Count: ~ 380
Summary: Passionate truths, passionate sex.

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Thunder Plains
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#59 "What Might Have Been"

Thought I'd never get back to this... but hey, my name's still on the list!

Once again, this is indirectly inspired by the fate of Yuna in FFX-2 "Last Mission," (YouTube video -- start at 2:40).

Title: Child of Legends
Game: FFX
Setting: Calm Lands Crusaders' Camp, 18 years after
Theme + Number: What might have been (59)
Pairing: Auron/Lulu
Rating: G
Word Count: ~ 1400... whoops!
Summary: A glimpse of a different life, had Auron had survived Yunalesca, and a son who must bear the weight of legends on his shoulders.

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Women bleed//Seymour

Seymour; Don't Follow Me (Part 2)

Title: Don’t Follow Me (Part 2 of 3)
Setting: FFX
Theme + Number: 37) Fascination, 47) Slow and Steady, 57)Naked
Character: Seymour
Pairings/Other Characters: Seymour/Shelinda
Rating: R
Warnings: Sexual Content
Summary: Part 2 of ‘Don’t Follow Me’, Seymour and Shelinda meet at the inn near Macalania temple for the night and early morning.

Part 1

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