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100 Themes

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Final Fantasy X/X-2 100 Themes
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Final Fantasy X/X-2 fanworks, with claims and themes
Hey! Welcome to pyre_flies. This is a writing community that was originally inspired by beat_of_destiny. Others of its type for Squeenix games are key_blade (KH), mount_ordeals (FFIV), esper_cave (FFVI), mako_reactor (FFVII), fated_children (FFVIII), madain_sari (FFIX) and the_sandsea (FFXII).

This community welcomes both fanart and fanfiction, so stake a claim, and get scribbling. :) Read the rules first, at least once, please.


1) In this community, you can have three kinds of claims. These are:
-General relationships (romantic and/or platonic relationships)
-Pairings (romantic relationships)
See below (Writing/drawing for your claim) to see what kind of things you can write for each claim.
2) You can have up to three claims at once. That allows you to have one character claim, one general relationship, and one pairing - but you don't have to do it that way. Mix and match!
3) Only two people can claim the same character, general relationship or pairing at the same time. This may change if the membership gets a lot bigger.
4) If you are inactive with the claim and I don't hear anything from you in three months, I'll delete your claim. You can claim it back, but you'll have to wait your turn for the slot if it's taken.

Read the rules on claiming? Claim here.

Writing/drawing for your claim
1) You should include anything from one to five themes in whatever you write or draw.
2) When writing for a character, you should focus on that character, or that character's relationships with others. Writing in that character's POV also counts.
3) When writing for a general relationship, any kind of relationship between the characters you have claimed is fine.
4) When writing for a pairing, you should focus on the relationship between the two. Unrequited love is also okay for this kind of claim.
5) When you submit what you've written, please use this form:
Setting: which part of the timeline the fic/drawing is set in, or AU
Theme + Number:
Pairing/Character/General Relationship: (the claim you are writing for)
Rating: (this should be K, K+, T, M or MA, which are roughly equivalent to G, PG, PG13, R and NC17 - see this guide FictionRatings.Com)
Warnings: (smut, squicks, etc)
6) Please only post one story or piece of art in one entry, so that it can be put properly into the memories. It would also be better to post the text of the story in the post, instead of a link to it, but if you're sure that the place you're linking to is permanent, it's fine to link.
7) Put all the submissions under an LJ-cut.
8) Writing can be AU, spin offs from your longer fanfics, part of a series of ficlets - as long as they can be read as stand alone, seperate, stories.
9) Post only fic for claims you actually have. If you have a problem, bring it up with the mod in a mod post or on the claims post.


1) If you know that you're not going to like something because of the pairing/character/friendship/author, don't read it and just say "I hated this".
2) Constructive criticism should be gentle and aimed at building up the person's abilities, not tearing them down.
3) No negative things like homophobic comments, racist comments, etc. That doesn't belong in a community like this that will welcome any and all pairings, characters and friendships from Final Fantasy X or X-2. If you don't like the fact that FFX had a sequel, fine, create your own post-FFX world. But don't hate the people who do like FFX-2. :)
4) If you disobey the rules twice, you'll have a strike against your name, and whenever you offend again, whether it be in two weeks or two years, you'll be removed from the community.


If you change your username mid-claim, it will not be changed in the memories for that claim. After that, it will be. People that currently applies to:
-shanaqui; formerly twilightsrain
-unactive; formerly angel_ray


All posts in this journal are about fictional situations and are not intended to offend people, and nor are they intended to support or condone illegal and morally dubious activities.

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